“Insingk” is an English derived word “in sync”, meaning “state in which two or more people or things move or happen together at the same time and pace”.

We are a strategic, data driven company that innovate companies with new Digital Technology that keeps driving the business industry forward, we are a company of companies that has the ability to develop, research new social engagement, establish marketing approaches for our clients we revive the uniqueness and implement fundamental brand knowledge for our clients

We Design and development various online and off-online services including but not limited to digital data Analysis, Corporate branding as well as web hosting. 


Digital Marketing

We focuses on Digital Marketing approaches that directly impact your bottom line and focuses on your customer needs rather than what you prefer for your customers

Web Development

We Build professional websites, customized for your business, it is easier than you think with Insingk It’s packed with features that gives you everything you need to get online,

Corporate Branding

Insingk Business Group provides a professional branding service whilst never compromising quality. We continuously refine quality procedures and seek to improve standards

Web Hosting

Insingk is an end to end hosting company providing a range hosting services from basic cPanel hosting to dedicated server and VPS hosting.

Tech Support

We know that we can serve our clients the most by focusing on what we’re best at, and working with partners who are the best at what they do. Great things are rarely done in isolation

Digital Analytics

Bespoke solutions and development that involve scoping, architecture, building and quality assurance. Our team culture prioritizes cutting-edge data analytic technology and an always-learning attitude

our companies


The Agency is the digital marketing company that strategizes on marketing trends and marketing implementation tactics for the group and for our clients


Insingk Hosting is our web hosting division company that specializes in website hosting and domain registrations, it caters for small to large companies with the online space.


you can trust in the power of digital evolution while focusing on the core of your business. As a Wholly- black owned subsidiary of Insingk Business Group, we strive to be the leading innovative digital Media.